Air Tahiti and Native Dancing

Air Tahiti and Native Dancing

I’m here at the Sheraton in Papeete, Tahiti; having traveled one of the best serviced airlines I’ve ever experienced (Air Tahiti). My feet are up, I’m sipping a rum and coke, listening to live music and watching live dancing, the ocean is right there and the thick warm is air all around me. This is simply the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life.

I was supposed to continue on to Moorea tonight, but my flight was cancelled.

I don’t know how far away my final destination is, I’ll get to see in the morning.

Edit: After watching the native dancers perform what I believed to be tribal dances (in full dress) for a time, one of the girls took my hand and invited me to dance with her. The rest of the nine dancers were doing the same with others in the crowd, the men searching women and the women seeking men. We were each handed their dance apparatus (resembling pom pom’s) and did our best to dance as they did. The women would shake their hips furiously while making sweeping motions with their arms, the men wobbling their knees much like a chicken dance and then spinning and jerking in unison.

It was all pretty cool. I’ve got to take dance lessons.


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