In Columbus a little longer

In Columbus a little longer

I ended up staying in Columbus, Ohio for a day longer than planned.

When I arrived at the store (which was under construction), it was quickly clear to me that the store was not ready to begin installation. Due to this setback, I wasn’t able to come back home on Friday night as planned. I had to work on Saturday to finish up the installation, and fly back Saturday night.

On Friday night I pretty much had the night off, so I went out to watch a couple of movies. I went to see Zoolander followed by The Last Castle.

Let me ruin it for you by telling you everything that happened. Only kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zoolander was pretty funny, I might go see it again with my wife. I’m a bit of an Owen Wilson fan, I find his energetic humour appealing.

The Last Castle opened my eyes a bit. First, I found out that Robert Redford CAN act (was not a huge fan)! Second, it’s a patriotic movie which couldn’t have been playing at a better time, a time when Americans are at their most patriotic.

Flying so soon after September 11 is definitely still a little weird.


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