Katherine turns 1

Katherine turns 1

1 year 1 day ago we had three boys. Katherine changed our entire world, as we pause to reflect we can’t believe it has already been a year.


It had been a long time since we had hosted a significant 1st Birthday so we decided to have a big, pink birthday party with everyone invited. To start the morning we had Katherine Dedicated at the Baptist Church before moving to Beach Park for the afternoon. Nevan’s good mate Eric (and his dad) held the spot for us from about 7am – so appreciated.

With many friends and family in attendance we had the most brilliant time celebrating Katherine’s 1st year. Words cannot do it justice, you’ll have to check out the photos. We’re so happy and thankful that many were able to come fair distances to be a part of her day.

This girl. She has completely stolen our hearts.

More photos here:



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