Liam turns 1

Liam turns 1

Liam turned 1 today, Saturday 26th April 2003.

We woke up first thing this morning, and after 2 cups of coffee got underway opening and playing with presents. It was going to be interesting to see Nevan’s reaction to all of this, he is used to being in the spotlight when it comes to birthdays etc. Since Liam couldn’t really open the presents by himself, we let Nevan join in. That way he felt included too. Great Grandma bought a set of 2 sack-racing elmo’s that are battery operated, so we found we could let Nevan play with one and Liam the other. It worked out.

The toy we bought Liam is some kind of ball-maze thing, the balls being propelled through by air. The balls come out the top, and can either bounce back on the track or out onto the floor. Liam would then have to grab the balls that fell out, and put them back on the track. It’s pretty cool. Nevan and Liam played pretty good together there.

At 10am we took the boys to the Rec Center (Indoor playground pool with slides) for 2 hours. The boys just love that place. We had friends of ours with 2 kids about the same age come and play too.

I took Nevan rock climbing after swimming while the babies were being dressed. Nevan can climb about 8-10ft on his own now on the wall.

Back for naps, I went to a funeral while they slept, Jenifer slept, and now we’re all awake again playing with toys.

Oh yeah, the cake eating is a classic! It always is when there’s a 1 year old involved…

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