New Car – Subaru

New Car – Subaru

After last weeks fireworks, I spent all week researching and budgeting to afford a new car. I found that Subaru were clearing their 2004 models to make way for the 2005 models, and noticed that many Colorado Springs and Denver dealers were offering pretty sweet deals to move them out. I contacted Wells Fargo and had them start the credit process to finance a new car.

A friend of mine also checked a local dealer, and found they were willing to match what Colorado Springs dealers were doing. So I also ran a credit app with them.

I found Wells Fargo was a little (frustratingly) slow in response. I wanted to know what they were going to offer me in terms of financing, percentage rate and term, before I walked into the dealer. It was Friday afternoon and I had left many messages with nothing returned. We were having a going away party for an employee that afternoon, pretty much across from Wells Fargo, so I walked over there and finally got somewhere. Their offer was not very good, so I went to the dealer anyway to see what they would do.

I was able to get the car for $5000 off MSRP (I already knew this) but 6.25% for 72 months, which far exceeded Wells Fargo’s 7.05% and 60 months. So, before our trip to Colorado Springs for cricket, we were owners of a silver 2004 Subaru Outback!


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