New Home & Vacation

New Home & Vacation

What’s been going on lately? Well we bought a home, yes, and have settled in pretty nicely now I feel. There’s still a few things I feel like I need to do:

  • Install Satellite
  • Fix or get Lawn Mower repaired
  • Remove cement slab patio

Just some things to do this summer. Should be fun.

What’s really news is the fact we just returned from vacation to California, spending 8 days with Jenifer’s family and seeing all our old friends and family. We braved the 14/15 hour trip by driving through the night, twice, both there and back. Our goal was to drive as much as possible while the kids were asleep. I reckon it worked well. Many coffee stops…

We bought a dog, a black lab mix female puppy who we have named Arwen. Arwen is the Elf from Lord of The Rings who is in love with Aragorn. We wanted a cool name, and since the dog is black and cute, and Arwen had black hair and was cute, we stuck with that.

She’s doing fantastic! Sleeps in the garage and plays outside by day. The boys love her, when she isn’t jumping on them.

My digital camera got sand in it during a beach bonfire party in California, so I am having problems with it and can’t take photos right now. I do have to upload photos from our trip, they are coming soon. But I can’t show you Arwen, not yet.


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