Set Play Count in iTunes

Set Play Count in iTunes

I had some old mp3’s lying around that were semi-okay quality wise, recently I decided to buy the AAC audio files from iTunes. I quickly faced a dilemma; I’m pretty anal when it comes to music organization so how was I going to update the play counts on the new files?

I thought about manually updating the XML file but that was going to get tedious fast. Had a quick look for a quick and dirty tool, read a few forums and came across this ditty. Working an absolute charm in iTunes on Vista x64.

Basically you’re downloading a zipped WSF file (Windows Script File) that once unpacked allows you to select a track in iTunes and then run the SWF to update the play count of your selection. In a dual monitor scenario this is easy as piss but if you’re single monitor bound then alt-tab to do the needful.

Happy play counting!


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  1. Thanks for trying the script. I’m glad it worked. Any suggestions for improving it?

  2. Mate, it is exactly what I needed!

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