Silverton Trip

Silverton Trip

On the 6th of July, with Jenifer’s entire family in town less Jesse, Rick and Jaimee Callies led us on a trip to Silverton, Colorado and then onto the ghost town, Animas Forks.

The day started out with a stop at Purgatory, or Durango Mountain Resort, about 25 miles out of Durango. This is the nearest major ski resort to Durango. During the summer the mountain hosts many activities such as scenic chair lift tours, mountain bike riding and this cool summer sled track.

Most of us raced down the mountain on this sled track, which was a lot of fun! Jaimee and I raced first, followed by Josiah and Shiloh who was then followed by David and Brian.

Afterward we made our way further towards Silverton, stopping on the way to catch some breathtaking views of the mountains.

Once finally in Silverton, we enjoyed a lunch at one of the Mexican restaurants in town, and spent a little bit of time walking around the historic town. The sight seeing was cut short by the suggestion that we visit the ghost town nearby. Ghost town you said? We were all there!

Animas Forks, a ghost town, was originally founded in 1880 as a mining town. At one point up to 450 people lived in this tiny town more than 11,000 feet above sea level. However it was now reduced to almost rubble, a few houses left free standing.

We definitely had a great day!


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