Roundhouse Jackeys Marsh

Roundhouse Jackeys Marsh

Getting completely off the grid, we stayed in this truly spectacular beauty; with views of Quamby Bluff and the Great Western Tiers on all sides. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t spend any time at either of these as the itinerary was already full with Cradle Mountain.

Back at the homestead, this Super Host AirBnB is just full of incredible architectural features; handmade stonewall basement, curved wooden staircase that leads up to an observatory plus handmade wood features throughout. As mentioned previously, you’re off the grid so you’re dealing with solar power and no internet. The wonderful host, Kim, does provide the capability to watch TV and wash your clothes – we only did the latter!

Just watch out for the slats on one of the beds, that’s all I am saying! Louise and I certainly had a bloody scare!

Speaking of Kim – this man has a fascinating story. Ask him about it – it’s two hours and a tour that you’ll wish you could have over again.

I wear 3 hats… builder / designer… musician / composer…. theatre director / playwright.  “Nut Garden”, my property since 1975, has been my playground and my architecture has accumulated and developed into a showcase of my ideas and skills. See my other works at my website search “curvedwoodcreations”

If you’re ever headed to the general Cradle Mountain area, let us know – you’ll want to stay here and we are more than happy to provide more details!


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