Las Vegas Convention 2004

Las Vegas Convention 2004

I was back in Vegas!

This year the company again held their bi-annual convention in Las Vegas, NV. Although, this time, I was attending as an employee and not a vendor.

I went a day early, leaving on Saturday 13th March, because I wanted to play in the golf tournament on the Sunday. The golf tournament was a blast, I was partnered with a customer

I already knew, and another I did not who was not much older than I and we got along just great!! A co-worker here at the company was also on our team. It was a very fun, and warm, day in the Vegas sun.

Monday the actual Convention started, I mainly was there as support in case the laptop or overhead projector went out. I also was the one who gathered and organized everybody’s PowerPoint presentations, formatting them and making sure they were up to par for presentation.

Tuesday I had my presentation, talking to the group for about an hour and a half on the new (well not so new now) Point-of-Sale-System. When introductions were made, I was actually cheered which was really cool.

At one point I did go head to head with a guy who is not a supporter of change, technology or the POS system. But I had plenty of support, from, yes, other customers.

It was really nice to receive support from so many good people though.

I forgot to mention, I made my presentation on about 3 hours of sleep… late night on the strip, and for some reason, the group I was with decided to go bowling at 2am at one of the hotels.

Tuesday night we went to go bungee jumping, but it was closed. So we ducked over to the Statosphere and rode some of their thrill rides. The ride, X-Scream, must have been designed by some troubled youth, sadistic as it was, yet still fun. They must have thought it funny to put you in a rollercoaster type car, move you off the side of the building on an arm, and then tip so you go hurtling towards the ground some 100 stories below. (see picture, although it was about 1am when we did it)

They stop you, of course, and bring you back. Then do it again! They stop again, but then jerk you forward making you feel like the car has separated from the track. Bring you back again and shoot you down again a third time. This time it wiggles left and right. Stops and just sits there. Being in the front seat with the CFO of our company, looking down at the ground, yeah it was fun ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s about it I think. We got done at around 1:30am and got up at 4:30am for our 6:15am flight…


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