When there is no cricket?

When there is no cricket?

So what do I do when there is no cricket? Well, there’s always football. Right now I am watching the New England Patriots somewhat get back into the game 13-28 after being down 3-28 against Denver. I picked the Patriots to win in my football pool, but I live in Colorado and want to see Denver win.

A bit of housework, clean up the kitchen, deal with the garbage, that kind of thing. When I first woke up this morning I found Australia are in a very good position to beat the Rest of the World in the Super Series Test Match being played in Sydney. McGrath and MacGill picked up two crucial wickets at the end of play last night to secure our dominant position. Matthew Hayden led from the front when batting with a brilliant 111.

I have also been giving some thought about our trip to Australia in February. What will we do? What do we want to see? I do know one thing, February 12 is the 2nd Final of the One Day Cricket Series. This will be a must. And I was pleasantly surprised to find tickets in good seats for the entire family will be $199 AUS. That’s about $148 US for everyone in the family. You can’t even do that good for 2 people at an NFL game…

Game break: New England just scored again and it’s 20-28. Game on. Think I’ll stop writing and start watching.

Super Test Scorecard:ย http://www.espncricinfo.com/superseries/engine/current/match/221840.html


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