April photos

April photos

Well I’m uploading some new photos taken this month, the month that Liam turns 1. Yes, he will be a 1 year old on April 26th, the same day his great, great grandmother would have turned 104. (She died last year)

Enjoy the standard first birthday messy cake shots, as we did cleaning it up!

I bought myself paintball equipment a week ago, and went paint-balling for the first time with my own equipment, for the 2nd time in my life. I had a great time.

We played for about 3 hours at a property in northern Durango; ditches and gullies, fallen trees, rundown machinery are a few words to describe the terrain.

Some highlights must include:

Being shot in the shoulder within minutes by Jaimee Callies… yes PINK paint…

Being the only one left on my team against 3, took the charge and got shot in the groin by, yes, PINK paint Jaimee… (aiming a little low eh?)

Friendly Fire incident. Shot by my own teammate after running into crossfire to get a squeegee for Jaimee. Left a large welt.

Alone again, 1 v 3, Jeremy advances and I shoot him in the stomach and before I can stop he turns to surrender and I shoot him in the back…


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