Business trip to Phoenix, AZ

Business trip to Phoenix, AZ

I have just checked into my hotel in Desert Ridge, Arizona after a 2 hour flight this morning. My flight left at 6:15am so that meant I had to wake up at 4:45am to leave by 5am. I arrived at the Airport at around 5:20am.

I arrived at the airport at the same time as two of my friends (Jeremy and Val) who were going back home to Las Vegas. They used to live in Atascadero where I live. That was pretty cool.

You know you’re tired when you hear the flight attendant announce she’ll be bringing drinks around in a few minutes, then the next thing you hear is the flight attendant announcing the final descent has begun and it’s time to stow your tray tables and bring your seats forward. Darn it, I was thirsty too.

I then went to Baggage claim in Phoenix airport, where there were 6 carousels all displaying which flight number and city of origin the carousel will have luggage for. Problem was not one display showed Flight 6230 with San Luis Obispo as city of origin. I waited quite a while looking at each carousel display with no luck. I noticed more recent flights being displayed. It seems little ol’ San Luis Obispo was little ol’ forgotten.

I then noticed a few faces I had seen on my flight. They were doing the same thing, looking up and down. I am glad I recognised them because a few minutes later a woman hurried over to the nearest carousel and grabbed her luggage. That prompted me to go have a look, and sure enough my luggage came around. As I left, I noticed poor San Luis Obispo never made the display screen. Oh well.

I am now in the hotel, because my run of bad luck with installs continues. This time though, UPS has not delivered the computer equipment yet.


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