Lochgilphead, Scotland

Lochgilphead, Scotland

Making our way south down the west coast toward Lochgilphead, Louise and I chanced upon this unexpected little doozy. Perhaps aptly named (as we didn’t see it coming), Castle Stalker is a four-storey keep set on a tidal islet on Loch Laich. The name “Stalker” comes from the Gaelic Stalcaire, meaning “hunter” or “falconer” and is more recently famous as it appeared in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

We continued on and discovered another absolute pearler; Carnasserie Castle – sitting completely silent. Exploring entirely alone, I have written about the experience here.

Driving further through stunning and winding countryside, we finally made it to our AirBnb – Ederline House Bed & Breakfast.

Louise booked this Air BnB – not realising the stay would be in a bedroom of a wing in a mansion on a stunning 13,000 acre estate! Buried several miles off the main road, down long, narrow lanes and with a bedroom view of a personal Loch – this was some stay.

Adding to the effect was arriving at dusk, in the rain, with other folk already there. It felt just like Clue… I half expected Tim Curry to greet us and accused of murder before the night was out! 😃

Finally, the owners personally served a three course breakfast in the morning. If you’re looking for something incredible in your UK stay, hit me up, this place is something else.


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