My brother & family visits

My brother & family visits

My brother and his family just drove down from Townsville, Queensland to spend the week with us. Adrian has a girlfriend Jasmine and two children Karlee (6) and Lochlan (almost 2). The trip was roughly 2,100 km’s or 1,300 miles down the coast of Australia. When hearing about the trip I had mixed feelings; I was really looking forward to spending time with my brother and his family but the timing was a little too soon. We haven’t fully settled in yet.

We don’t have a couch. We don’t have bedding. But when you’ve spent time with your brother just twice in ten years you don’t flake out.

The plan was to be here on Saturday 23rd June but they were held up in Brisbane, causing them to arrive on Sunday. The problem was that we had a family date at Telstra Stadium on Sunday. The event: Cronulla Sharks vs South Sydney Rabbitohs; my brothers team is the Sharks and we had always wanted to go to a game together. So as he drove I made the arrangements.

We were able to meet in Parramatta but not without dealing with shocking traffic first. The prior Sunday had been relatively quiet when we drove in to watch the Eels play. This Sunday was very different; I spent a good 45 minutes just trying to find parking to meet them at Westfield Shopping Center. We decided in the end to meet them down the road closer to Telstra Stadium. This proved trickier than anticipated; turns out Adrian only had a generic Australia road directory that didn’t focus in to enough detail on the major cities.

With mobile phone calls and quick flipping through my street directory we got together to meet up again for the first time in nearly two years. We also made it to the game and were treated to an enjoyable day between the Russell Crowe owned Souths and the Sharks. Though the Sharks went down I was secretly pleased for the Rabbitoh’s. They’re coached by my childhood hero Jason Taylor and owned by the Gladiator himself. I’m not a big fan of Hollywood in general but his little Hollywood interjection has been good for the team and the league. Besides; it’s Russell Crowe! Who didn’t like Gladiator, Cinderella Man or A Beautiful Mind?

Did I mention the kids had fun with their cousins at the game too?


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    • NPR Junky
    • On: July 1, 2007

    Michael, I’m so glad you were able to see your brother! You two look eerily similar.

    I’m glad the kids had a good time, too!

  1. You mean like this?


    Comon … I’m much more handsome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. True, you are. My goodness, though, how old is that Jasmine girl? She looks even younger than me, which is ridiculous because I look even younger than I am. She looks no more than 14, it’s creeping me out. I couldn’t tell if she was a daughter or a partner at first >.>

  3. Looking through your Photo Gallery and came across this pic. Man, that keeper is practically standing on your heels!

  4. Oh, that wasn’t the right link. I meant this pic.

  5. What the… that’s me playing cricket…

    • Tors
    • On: July 25, 2007

    LOL…I’m laughing because the Westfield in Parramatta is one of our old haunts and I know exactly what you mean about driving around and around and around and around looking for parking! hehehe

    Glad you had a good visit, even if the timing wasn’t the best.

  6. You know it’s a cool Westfield and has a lot to offer – and as it turns out more parking than I ever realized. Some of those levels I never knew existed because you have to exit certain levels to open up a whole new world of levels.

    Levels that mean squat if they’re all full.

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