Yes or No Optus?

Yes or No Optus?

I’ve had to call Optus quite a lot lately.

First, to actually establish phone and DSL service. I liked their plans and pricing and the fact that bundling gives you triple the standard cap. The 7GB cap becomes 21GB when using their phone service. Or something like that. I have no idea how much I use because I am used to paying next to nothing for broadband with no limits in the USA.

Second, to report no service at the house. There was no dial tone when plugging in a cheap corded phone or either of our laptops.

Many more times to report service was still not active and once more to report that even though they claim a technician came to verify there was no fault at the street; I still had no dial tone.

I still wonder why I haven’t received my DSL pack that I ordered on 9th June, 12 days ago.

Interestingly, nearly every person I have spoken with was from India or nearby. I can tell because I have many close Indian friends back in Colorado. What’s interesting is they generally introduce themselves with English names such as Michael, Sam, George, etc. I remember attention some US based companies were getting a few years back regarding outsourcing phone support to India. There was a real focus or desire to return jobs to the USA and crack down on outsourcing.

It seems as if it’s not happening yet in Australia. Or at least Optus.

I have now been told by Matthew that I should expect the DSL pack on Monday or Tuesday. That’s the 26th or 27th of June. Two and a half weeks after ordering it. This is just not good service.


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    • Tors
    • On: June 24, 2007

    I gotta laugh – my husband works for Optus, and he’s always on the phone with customer service in India. He’ll even ask them, “So, what’s your real name? How’s the weather in Bombay today?”

    If you’re looking for broadband service with a large cap, there are plenty of other (and cheaper) services out there with the similar ‘caps’. I hate to say it, but I would NEVER get landline service from Optus, no matter how good their deals are. They will always be slow to fix any technical issues because they have to contract it through Telstra first, since Telstra owns all the lines. Better to just go with Telstra and save yourself the hassle. ๐Ÿ™

    • Robert Hayes
    • On: June 29, 2007

    Rob says welcome back to Australia and screw Optus !!

  1. What the – where have you been Rob? I’ve been trying to reach you for a month now! I’ve been in Australia for a month now! Even had lunch with Dennis… the Rope man himself!

    And cheers for the advice Tors!

    • Abhishek
    • On: September 17, 2007

    australians generally are racists we indians are much more advanced when it comes to presence of mind. You people are dumb and rude

  2. Mate how shallow are you? Did you read the entire post or just half a sentence? This post was referencing Optus and their decision to farm support calls, it has nothing to do with how great or how bad India or it’s people are.

    I love how you generalize that Australians are racist and how you say “you people are dumb”. Who is wearing the prejudiced shoe?

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