Our couch has finally arrived

Our couch has finally arrived

Our couch was ordered from Freedom Furniture on June 9th (over 5 weeks ago) and finally arrived today! I have mixed feelings of joy (to sit somewhere) and anger (5 weeks, comon) that I’ve decided it will be the last piece of furniture I buy from these people. The original promised date was June 30th and I thought that was too long. We had to call regularly to check the order status, there were no courtesy calls coming our way and certainly no ownership on the Rep’s part. Shame on you Freedom Furniture.

This closes the chapter on relocating to Australia. We now have all furniture delivered and have all personal effects from the USA. So tonight I am sitting down to watch the double header West Tigers v Manly Sea Eagles and North Queensland Cowboys v Brisbane Broncos. Broncos don’t get linked because they suck. An additional interesting note is that North Queensland Cowboys are from Townsville, where I spent a good deal of time growing up. I guess I have a soft spot for them.

So that’s it. The 2nd game just started. Tigers lost 34-4 but they didn’t play that bad…


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  1. Seems like neither the West Tigers nor the Richmond Tigers are playing that well.

    I’m not sure what it is with some furniture stores. We ordered a love-seat & sofa from one store and like you, it was supposed to be delivered within a week or so. We’d scheduled delivery for my RDO so I could be home (so someone could be home) but a day or so before the ETA the store called to say there’d been a problem and they’d have to reschedule. Wait, they never called, we were getting emailed updates, and I kept getting emails with the delivery date getting pushed back further and further. We actually had to call the store ourselves and the Rep was pretty much clueless as well. Worse was he took down my name & number and said he’d look into the situation and call me back, but I always had to call him. Initially we were told we could have our sofas (2) delivered within a week of purchase but when we finally canceled our order the delivery date had been pushed back to almost 2 months later.

    We went to another store (small, Chinese-owned store, not big Name Brand), picked out a sofa & love-seat combo, and had them delivered within a matter of days.

  2. We were afraid of canceling and then facing a similar problem with someone else. Even if the next someone else only took a week or two for delivery it would still put us out a net of 5 weeks + whatever additional weekage.

    It just made us sit tight and ride it out. But it sucked.

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    • On: July 25, 2007

    hahahaha @ “Broncos donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt get linked because they suck.”

    I’ve been in the local Freedom a few times but was never impressed with their stuff…now I see I haven’t missed much. 5 weeks wait, that is crazy. Did they have to specially-make your couch, or was it on site?

  3. I think they had to specifically make it – or coat it at least (that additional $100 to add stain resistance) and that apparently had to come from Adelaide. We love the couch, haven’t tested the stain resistance stuff and probably won’t ever… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Bloody Broncos. The Eels beat them and that’s what matters… last week anyway.

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