New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Lamb

Whoa. 20 minutes ago I had the most incredible New Zealand rack of lamb I have ever tasted. I was literally conquering every piece of it; meat, skin and fat. Talk to anyone who knows me well and you’ll know this is out of the ordinary. No fat and skin for me.

But this was different. The mashed potatoes and snap peas hooked me, the red wine kept me interested and the lamb completely finished me off. I think I can say with surety that this dish was the best I have ever tasted, all meats included.

Today I had a good time hanging out with a bloke named Mutapo; originally from the Cook Islands and rugby fanatic. That’s all I needed. One whiff of rugby or cricket and I am your mate for life. He’s headed for New Zealand on June 1st to watch the All Blacks take on France (the lucky bugger), we will have touched down in Australia a couple days ahead of him. I’ll have to get his contact details before I leave.

I’ve already been told that I have a place to stay the next time I visit Tahiti. I like that. It’s important to try and make friends wherever you go; you never know when the opportunity might arise that you can stay with someone in some remote corner of the world. And vice-versa. This is such a beautiful place.

The world is a wonderful place if you do what you can to make it so.


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