Disneyland at Christmas

Disneyland at Christmas

I just found the photos from our trip to Disneyland last December. I had Longs Drugs in California develop the photos which themselves are done well; it’s just the CD copies sucked. The high resolution photo’s aren’t very high at all, I guess I should have checked out the contents of the CD some time ago. Oh well, bit late now.

What a day it was! Jenifer and I had been to Disneyland on Christmas Day in 1998, the year of our marriage.

Before there were kids around. Before the dark times. (Kidding!) The boys had an absolute blast! Saturday we spent the day in California Adventure Park with good friend Celeste and her son Noah. Sunday it was just us to explore Disneyland.

The absolute highlight of the day for the boys was meeting Captain Jack Sparrow. No joke, this guy was bloody fabulous! He was in character the entire time and would have made Johnny Depp proud. When we first approached he noticed the Aztec Gold medallions around the boys necks. Without missing a beat he drunkenly clasped Liam’s medallion and faultlessly stammered, “Where did you get that?” It was brilliant.

Enjoy the photos!


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