I’m not sure it gets better than this

I’m not sure it gets better than this

I noticed that it looked absolutely sensational outside today so I took the opportunity to test the wireless range and established my office up in the backyard. There’s rainforest behind me, clear blue skies overhead and best of all – ocean view ahead of me (okay it is a strip but I swear I can see some blue). This is the middle of winter and the weather meter says it’s currently 22ยฐC. That’s a sterling 71ยฐF and right alongside the current temperature in California.

Though I haven’t sat cross-legged like this in a long time. My knees are starting to hurt.


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    • NPR Junky
    • On: July 26, 2007

    Your KNEES are starting to hurt? You’re such a baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. 71ยฐF in California? Maybe up north! But down here in L.A. it’s a balmy, scrot-rot inducing 80ยฐF+

  2. I just noticed the phrase you used at the start of this entry: “Absolutely sensational”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an American use that particular phrase. It’s distinctly Australian, or perhaps English and we just borrowed it for a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Cap’n John Take 1 – That’s self-induced, blanket thick smogalicious heat mate. I’m not sure that counts!

    NPR Junky – What can I say? I’m getting old? Every now and then something hurts a little bit and I can’t help but notice. “That never hurt before!” I’ve put my body on the line in various sports and sundry many times over the years and still walked away invincible. My powers… they seem to be… fading…

    Cap’n John Take 2 – Itsch the Richie Benaud in me I am afraid. Yesch, marvellous catch that. Schintiliating stuff.

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