Trip to Broomfield, CO

Trip to Broomfield, CO

I just left a small town called Broomfield, in Colorado. It’s a few miles outside of Boulder, which is about 40 miles from the Denver International Airport (DIA). I was there on another business trip, installation of our complete POS solution.

Talking about Airports, I had the worst time this week with airports. DIA was packed, and security took forever. The security screening line itself was about 45 minutes long. When finally boarded, we had a slight delay which wasn’t bad, at first, but meant our gate was taken in Los Angeles when we arrived. We had to wait for another gate or ours to free up.

Then, listen to this. Planes get pulled the last 100ft into the unloading spot (or whatever thats called) by a car that attaches to the plane. The car that came to pull us in couldn’t latch itself to the plane for some absurd reason. In effect, we sat inside the grounded plane for 30 minutes while another car was found. Strange huh?

I made it back, in time, which was cool.


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