Made it to Durango

Made it to Durango

I made it to Durango. After driving roughly 14 hours from Central California, passing completely across both California and Arizona, and then partially into New Mexico, I found my way into the south western corner of Colorado that will now be my home.

I left on Saturday afternoon at around 1pm, and was able to make it to Flagstaff in 8 and a half hours to spend the night. I had made one stop in Barstow before stopping in Flagstaff.

The next morning I set out at around 8am and got into Durango at around 1:30pm, which actually converted back to 12:30pm due to the time difference. I made one stop at around 10:30am. I forget the name of the small town.

I now work for a Chocolate Factory, the job title being POS Administrator/Analyst. There’s roughly 230 retail locations that will hopefully be using the new Point of Sale and Inventory control system, I will be responsible for managing and assisting stores with the new system. Currently 36 stores are on the new system.


Australian. Sport. Passionate Cricket Fan. Go Pro. Abseiling. Snorkeling. Travel. Golf R. SQL Server Developer. Three sons. One daughter. Last Trip: New York.

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