Mush Ball Out

Mush Ball Out

So I play coed softball on Friday nights, I am the captain of our Chocolate Factory team. In Durango, we play a regular 11″ ball for women, and a 12″ clincher ball (mush ball) for men. When I say mush, it is softer than usual and quite difficult to hit a long way. But that’s how it is designed.

So difficult in fact that I have never hit a home run out of the park in Durango Co-ed. I consider myself a good hard hitter, mainly because I have hit the ball out of any field I have ever played on. But not Durango, for this mush ball reason.

But change that. On Friday night, with the scores tied at 9-9 in the top of the 7th, I went to left field to try and burn their left fielder and hopefully run around for an in-field home run. I knew I hit it well, so I put my head down and started sprinting around the bases. As I was coming to 2nd, I saw the ball bouncing out into the parking lotโ€ฆ I was confused and thought the ball had bounced over the 4-foot fence, a ground rule double. I asked one of the fielders if it had gone over? They said it had. I continued around the bases for my first ever out of the park home run with a mush ball!

And I never saw it go overโ€ฆ how about that? It turns out the ball hit the top of the fence and bounced over, which is still a home run!


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