Raleigh/Durham, NC

Raleigh/Durham, NC

For the first time in a long time, I was on the road again this past weekend. We have a store, a fabulous store at that, located at The Streets at Southpoint mall in Durham NC. They’re a high volume store who has been having computer issues the past year.

On Thursday of last week, I think we decided enough was enough and decided to send someone on site to help them throughout the weekend. This weekend was of course The Matrix 2 release, and due to the fact that the store is exactly beside a movie theatre; it was going to be busy.

I just didn’t realize it was going to be me on the plane at 8am the following morning. But, I can honestly say that there was a little excitement there because I do miss travelling from time to time. This was going to be my 3rd trip to Durham, NC in one and a half years.

I arrived back in Durham at about 7pm Friday, and after checking in to the hotel made my way down to the store to help and observe for close. Everything went smooth.


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