Site retouches

Site retouches

I’ve recently made a number of retouches to enhance my site to finally get this project of mine finished. Well it hopefully will never be finished, I’ll always be adding news articles, stories and photos. I’m referring to the general layout and design of the site.

The main retouches I have done are:

  • added 3 most recent photos to the homepage
  • added a quote of the day to the homepage
  • added a cookie to see how many times you have visited the site
  • added an con legend to assist with what icon usage means
  • added icons to replace common text links for ergonomics

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for my site. Thanks!


Note: The above screenshot was taken in 2010 using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Unless I can find copies of my old work, this is the best I can do to retrieve a snapshot of the website back in April, 2002.



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