Softball November 6th-8th

Softball November 6th-8th

Here are the results and minor comments from the softball games I have played in this week:

Monday 6th November
White Rabbits 10 lost Miller Time 13

Turns out I had to travel to Los Angeles on another business trip in place of a co-worker who couldn’t go. Sadly I couldn’t play this game and extract a little revenge for our 18-2 humiliation against this team in round 2. I guess we played pretty good, but not quite good enough.

Wednesday 8th November
El Camino 23 defeated White Line Fever 21

Looks like this turned out to be much closer than it should have been! I wish I was there! The best thing about this game was the fact that we went into an unreachable position to win the Fall League for this division.

Thursday 9th November
Pure Enjoyment 6 lost Strand Drywall 12

I arrived back home at 8:20pm from my trip and was able to make it down to the park for this 8:45pm start. After 5 innings it looked like we might upset and defeat this leading team, leading 4-2. However they were able to finish strongly and hold us off. It felt great to be out in the field after missing it for 2 weeks. We played a man short, so I had to cover left-center and right-center. I made some good plays, in particular throwing out a runner trying to go from 1st to 3rd, diving head first to catch an in-field fly that went just out of reach of 2nd base (I almost collided), and accounting for 4 RBI in a total of 6 runs. 2 RBI came from the very first innings, and the last 2 came from the very last innings where I hit the fence on the full. Although disappointing that we lost, I felt pretty good.


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