Softball October 22nd-26th

Softball October 22nd-26th

Here are the results and minor comments from the softball games I have played in this week:

Monday 22nd October
White Rabbits 20 d Hot Shots 3

Last night was a very impressive turn-around from the way we have been playing. Quite honestly we have been struggling with our batting and in-fielding. Last night we got both right. We have two new girls on our side who are nothing short of impressive. They bat well, but more importantly field very well at short stop and 3rd base. They also have great arms gunning down 1st base.

Last night we concentrated on base hitting. I reckon everyone went either 3 from 5 or 4 from 5 at bat. I batted well enough to go 5 from 5, with two doubles, two triples and a last hit grand slam homerun. The Hot Shots never stood a chance.

Here is something interesting that happened. The score was 16-3 in the 5th, with fully loaded bases and I was up to bat. After letting one bounce on the plate, I swung the next inside pitch and blasted it right at 3rd base. Yes, right AT our 3rd base runner. She was able to duck and stick her arm up to block her face, but the sickening snap sound we heard makes us believe that I broke her wrist. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t know yet, I’ll probably find out this week. The game was stopped for a few minutes, and when it resumed I caned the final pitch of the game for a grand slam to finish them off 20 to 3. It was a good way to finish after what I had just done.

Well we’ve accumulated an impressive record against the Hot Shots now. They are hands down the best team in our league. They won both the Spring and Summer season for 2001. However here is our record against them:

Autumn 2000
White Rabbits 12 L Hot Shots 21

Spring 2001
White Rabbits 8 L Hot Shots 10
White Rabbits 17 D Hot Shots 11

Summer 2001
White Rabbits 13 D Hot Shots 9
White Rabbits 10 D Hot Shots 9

Autumn 2001
White Rabbits 20 D Hot Shots 3

Wednesday 24th October
El Camino 20 defeated Paso Pub 5

A truly great game to be involved in! Paso Pub is a big hitting team. They hit 3 home runs in the 5 runs they scored. We hit 1 in the 20 runs we scored. It just goes to show base hitting is the key to scoring runs!

Another interesting thing to note about this team is the fact that they won this past Summer League in the division ABOVE us! It was a great thing to hammer them the way we did.

My batting was ok, nowhere near the way it was Monday night, but you can’t do good all the time. Found out tonight that the woman I hit on Monday night has a fractured wrist.

Thursday 25th October
Pure Enjoyment 17 defeated Bereans 9

This game was much closer than it should have been. After 5 innings we led 7-2, having defended beautifully all night. Our pitcher was even struggling, walking 7 people in those 5 innings! We scored 1 run in the 6th, and made some pretty bad handling errors to bring the score to 8-7 coming into the last innings. Thankfully, we exploded and scored 9 runs in the last innings. It was very cool to watch everyone hit so well when we needed them to.


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