California friends visit

California friends visit

It has been a while since I posted anything. Let’s see, the last date was October 4th. That’s almost a month ago! Well it has since snowed a LOT more since my last update. We’ve even had a little snow on the ground around our apartment a couple of mornings. Every morning I have had to scrape snow/ice off my windshield before leaving for work. We’re just getting used to this colder weather and the habits that have to go along with it.

The biggest news this past month is that of our long time friends, Miranda and Robertย Estrada coming to stay with us in Durango for 5 days. Miranda and Robert lived about 5 minutes from us in California, we often had movie and pizza nights together. We hadn’t seen them in about 5 months since moving to Colorado.

This time was especially good for Jenifer. She has never lived away from her family and friends before, so the time with our friends was a blessing. We did a lot of the good stuff, pizza, movies, board games, margaritas and talking.

On Friday, 25th October, I took the day off work so we could rent some jeeps and go off-roading in the mountains for a day. This day was a blast! I will post a photo gallery just in dedication of this fun day. The image with this article is from our off-roading adventure. We tried to scale 3 different mountains, Smelter Mountain, Kennebic Pass and Middle Mountain. Smelter, which overlooks Durango, was not covered in snow so we were able to get to the top. It was a much different story for the other two, as we had to turn around before reaching the top due to too much snow.

We spent an hour or two at the playground at the end of the day. When I say playground, I am talking about an area up Middle Mountain where there are jumps and steep climbs for Jeeps and other off road vehicles. Let’s just say we tested the Jeeps…


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