Softball October 8th-12th

Softball October 8th-12th

Here are the results and minor comments from the softball games I have played in this week:

Monday 8th October
White Rabbits 11 lost Auto Outlet 19

I play for the White Rabbits. We got smashed. Our team dropped a lot of ball, and didn’t bat to well. I was pretty happy with my batting. I took a nice diving catch to my right in the deep in the first innings, but followed up a few innings later with a dropped catch ๐Ÿ™ In that circumstance the ball was hit well over my head, and I ALMOST let it go. I dived facing away from the batted full length, the ball got in my glove but as I hit the ground it jarred loose. Bugger.

Wednesday 10th October
El Camino 23 defeated Lucky 16

This is a tough team that we like to beat, however they love to beat us. Not on this occasion mate. I had a great start to the game, I hit a 3 run home run out of the park in the very first innings, to help us to a 6-0 lead. By the 2nd innings we led 11-0, an were able to just keep accumulating to beat them. They hit 3 home runs on us, while I hit our only.

Thursday 11th October
Pure Enjoyment 3 lost 9 Is Enough 13
We just got spanked. First time together in a new team, we just couldn’t get it together.


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