SSRS – Alternate Row Colors of A Group

SSRS – Alternate Row Colors of A Group

This has always been a challenge in Reporting Services – you’ve tried using this standard alternate row shading for a group but the alternation doesn’t work as expected:

=IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, "WhiteSmoke", "White")

For a Tablix Group, do the following:

  • Click Report >> Report Properties (or right click outside the bounds of your report within Design view and select Report Properties)
  • Click the Code tab and enter this custom function:
Public _evenRow As Boolean
Public Function EvenRow() As Boolean
_evenRow = Not _evenRow
return _evenRow
End Function

  • Right click your Tablix Row Group and select Row Group >> Group Properties.
  • Click the Variables tab and Add a new group variable.
    • Name: EvenRow
    • Value: =Code.EvenRow()
  • Now, instead of using the standard IIF(RowNumber… expression for the background color, use this expression for the background color of the row:

As far as I know, the moment you sort your group by an aggregate [Count(id)] the method fails. Otherwise, works great!

I am still trying to figure out how to get around this.


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