Styling Facebook – XBox 360 Theme

Styling Facebook – XBox 360 Theme

Ever wanted to style Facebook? One of the (sometimes good, sometimes bad) features of Facebook that differs from what I like to call its predecessor in the social networking game: MySpace, is the inability to customize its layout.

MySpace was fantastic if you could write CSS like I can, but it opened up security holes and paved the way for many users copying the most ghastly themes imaginable. Ideally I wanted to skin Facebook to something that worked for me and only I could see. Read on.

If you use Firefox 3.0 or above then you have what you need. If you’re using Internet Explorer you really ought to consider making the switch. The add-on is called Stylish and has a very good reputation on Mozilla. Install the add-on by clicking “Add to Firefox” and allow the browser to restart.


Now head over to and search for themes by using the search box located in the upper right. Many themes have screenshots to help you decide if you’d like to try a theme, if you find one click the Install with Stylish button in the upper right. I’ve included a couple links below with my own searches to help facilitate starting your own search:

XBox 360 for Facebook:
Facebook Themes:

Works great for me because I can style Facebook yet not get stuck looking at others’ terrible choices. Though yours, I am sure, will rock. Enjoy!


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    • dindo arnado
    • On: June 19, 2012

    iwant to unique my facebook

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