4 Years Today!

4 Years Today!

It’s here. 4 years ago this very day I landed on US soil for the very first time in my life. After spending a few hours in bloody customs, etc.. I finally turned a corner where people were waiting and laid eyes on my wife “to be” for the very first time.

From then, I’ll see if I can recollect some very special moments:

Feb 05, 1998 – Spending my 19th birthday in the USA.

Feb 05, 1998 – 1st Annual Birthday Dinner at F.McLinktocks Restaurant.

Feb 06, 1998 – Skiing at Sierra Summit and hurting my shoulder. Suspected broken.

Feb 06, 1998 – Finding out the expensive way that my shoulder was not broken.

Feb 14, 1998 – Valentines Day, rented a limo and cruised the coast with Jenifer and friends.

Feb 21, 1998 – Trip to Magic Mountain.

Feb 21, 1998 – Asked Jenifer to marry me. Whilst on the top of the Colossus Rollercoaster.

Apr 16, 1998 – Was supposed to return to Australia.

Sep 12, 1998 – Moved into my own apartment to prepare for my new wife.

Sep 19, 1998 – Jenifer and I were married.

Dec 25, 1998 – Christmas at Disneyland. Sung “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” in front of thousands of people.

Feb 06, 1999 – 2nd Annual Birthday Dinner at F.McLinktocks Restaurant.

Mar 31, 1999 – Bought my first computer. 266mHZ Laptop with 64MB RAM. Loved it!

May 01, 1999 – Discovered that we were going to be parents!

Jan 01, 2000 – Y2K, what a bloody hoax.

Feb 01, 2000 – Nevan Michael, our 1st son, is born at 4:45pm.

Feb 06, 2000 – 3rd Annual Birthday Dinner at F.McLintocks.

Feb 14, 2000 – Start working for AIM Systems, Inc. A software company.

Dec 25, 2000 – Nevan’s first Christmas.

Feb 01, 2001 – Nevan turns 1.

Feb 05, 2001 – 4th Annual Birthday Dinner at F.McLintocks. I turn 22. Jenifer 21. Nevan 1.

Mar 15, 2001 – Purchase tickets for Australia vacation.

Jun 30, 2001 – Leave Los Angeles to fly to Sydney.

Jul 2, 2001 – Arrive in Sydney to holiday and spend time with relatives for 6 days.

Jul 6, 2001 – Spend an evening with 4 of my high school/university mates.

Jul 7, 2001 – Leave Sydney and arrive in Brisbane to holiday and spend time with Grandparents for 3 days.

Jul 9, 2001 – Leave Brisbane and arrive in Townsville to holiday and spend time with immediate family and friends for 9 days.

Jul 12, 2001 – Spend a day on the reef snorkelling.

Jul 14, 2001 – Spend a day in Ayr with dad.

Jul 17, 2001 – Returned to the USA.

Jul 24, 2001 – Begin to start travelling heavily for the software company I worked for. Spent time in cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Portland and Durham, to name a few.

Sep 10, 2001 – Flew to Cleveland, OH for a business trip. Drove to Pittsburgh, PA that night.

Sep 11, 2001 – September 11. A plane crashes near me in Pittsburgh. I am stranded in PA and OH for a week. Not sure when I’ll be coming home.

Sep 12, 2001 – Meet and spend a few days with Andy Collington, long time internet friend and source for learning web programming.

Sep 17, 2001 – Get the courage to take the first available flight back home. Jenifer and family relieved. Me too.

Sep 19, 2001 – Our 3 year wedding anniversary!

Oct 1, 2001 – Find out that we’re going to have another baby!

Oct 23, 2001 – Fractured a teammates wrist in Softball by hitting the ball (by accident) right at her standing at 3rd base.

Dec 2, 2001 – We’re going to be having a boy! A brother for Nevan!

Dec 23, 2001 -Get a digital camera for Christmas from my in-laws. Love it!

Dec 25, 2001 – Nevan’s 2nd Christmas! I am loving my new toy. I would go on to taking roughly 1000 pictures by the end of 2001.

Jan 17, 2002 – My 4 year anniversary of moving to the USA.


Australian. Sport. Passionate Cricket Fan. Go Pro. Abseiling. Snorkeling. Travel. Golf R. SQL Server Developer. Three sons. One daughter. Last Trip: New York.

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