Nevan turns 9

Nevan turns 9

Just a year to go until we have a double digit child. How did it come to this? We’re not even thirty yet (those astute will realize I will be in four days… it matters not).

This was a quiet birthday compared to previous years. It’s not that we didn’t want to celebrate hard, it was more like taking a breath before something big. We were about to show up, un-expected at the doorstep of family in the USA and they didn’t know it.

That was part of Nevan’s present. And Liam’s. And Jenifer’s. And in the end mine, though I went to work in the office (which is always so welcome for me; people to talk to). More on that event and how it played out in a following blog.

In the here and now, we all went to our favourite restaurant on the beach for breakfast and gave Nevan the video game he really wanted. Buzz! Jungle Party, a four-player family competition where you feel like you’re in a quiz show competing for prizes or something. It’s fun, and I am glad he asked for this and not some single player game so we can all join in.

We also spent some time down at the beach, good friend Holly Benstead came along to hang out as well!

Happy Birthday Nevan!


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