Nevan turns 10

Nevan turns 10

A year ago I was writing how I couldn’t believe it had come to this: we were but a year from having a double digit child. It has come to this. Ten years since a baby boy changed our worlds forever. Ten years since the best teenage mother (Jenifer was only 19) you will ever know gave birth to this handsome young man.

Deserving only the best for the big ten, we spent the day at Jamberoo before surprising him with the gift he had only previously only dreamed about: a Razor powered scooter.

The funny bit is that though Nevan’s reaction was one of amazement; Liam’s was probably better! We had blindfolded Nevan before wheeling the beast into the living room to be in front of him when we yanked the cloth. The moment Liam saw what we were bringing in his jaw hit the floor. That would have been a great photo…

Minutes later Nevan was outside riding the streets on his new toy. Being such a great kid he quickly gave everyone turns, and I mean everyone. I’ll tell you what, the thing is a head turner and a lot of fun to be on.

Previously Nevan had a choice of what he wanted to do for his birthday –  we knew his Grandma was going to be here, that was cherry topped with his uncle David being a surprise show. He decided against a party with a ton of friends, choosing instead on inviting a good friend to Jamberoo for what was an excellent day in the water.

A very special birthday (as any tenth birthday should be) and very cool that family from the States got to be a part of it! Photos below.


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