Family Holiday & Kangaroo’s

Family Holiday & Kangaroo’s

In January we had the opportunity to stay with some friends at Sussex Inlet; a beautiful spot about two and a half hours south of where we live. Their parents own a beach house with a private jetty into the inlet, our friends (Riley & Cindy) own a boat and we were set for a great long weekend!

What was particularly cool was how many kangaroo’s freely went about their business down there. Unlike the city where it’s rare to see them, they roam free and in number in the quieter places. Jenifer and the boys got a kick out of seeing them in the “wild” and being able to get so close. We’d wake up at the crack of dawn, sip a coffee and watch the kangaroo’s hunt for food as water and sky would separate with the emergence of the sun.

While Jenifer relaxed back at the house with Cindy I went out on the water with Riley, his boys, our boys and a few neighbourhood boys for some knee-boarding and tubing. It was an absolute blast! Nevan got right into it; Liam might still be a little young but enjoyed his slower turns all the same. And once the big kids got on, Riley gunned it and ensured some sensational stacks followed. A collection of fun photo’s can be found in the gallery linked below.


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