I am 30

I am 30

Not so bad. In truth, I feel and act like I am 18. Jenifer would be standing to the side, pointing at me and nodding. We’ll chat next year. Surprise 30th’s are all the rage apparently and mine was a doozy; BBQ brekky at the rellies in Sydney before heading off to the game with members tickets.

The breakfast was delicious, always good to catch up with my family. We opened some presents, caught up with each other and prepared for the next leg, the real birthday present.

Ben, Robert, David, Steven, Joel and myself all head out to the SCG to watch Australia take on New Zealand. How on earth my cousin Ben was able to land members tix to the game is beyond me. The seats were sensational, easily the best vantage point I’ve ever enjoyed. Brad Haddin scored his maiden one day century and Australia smashed the Kiwi’s. David’s outburst to a talkative Joel in the car later that night was priceless.

Hats off to Jenifer, Michelle, Tracy and anyone else who worked hard to plan the day. And a special thank you to our insider Rachael who was the mastermind behind the tickets.

As for plans for the upcoming year? A massive USA trip around the corner. Plan for the family and friends to return the following year for Jenifer’s turn. Think of business ideas to run with little to no involvement; internet based.


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