Liam turns 7

Liam turns 7

My favourite number. Really. The halfback’s number, the number my hero Jason Taylor wore when I was growing up. It’s a pretty awesome age for your child as well.

This was a quiet birthday thanks largely to the fact we were only a week or two away from our holiday on the Gold Coast. This holiday would serve as a means to bring two families together – mine and my brothers for what we hope will become a bi-annual event. We do live 2,000km away from each other.

Gathering with friends Pete & Angie (and their kids); along with Canadian pal Holly and her kids, we put on a birthday party and BBQ for Liam at Pete & Angie’s place. Jenifer baked the cake (as she generally does) while we prepared to give Liam a few gifts; knowing full well the big gift was something he had really wanted for a long time. A digital camera.

He was ecstatic (as you can see in the photo above) but I have to be honest in saying it has created some work for me. The kid snaps so many photo’s I am constantly transferring them to the PC so he can clear the camera and take more. I am sure the energy will wear off in time, and I have had the pleasure of finding some pretty hilarious video’s he and Nevan have taken.

Happy 7th Birthday Liam!


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