Mixed Game of Softball

Mixed Game of Softball

Well I am settling in, I have joined one co-ed softball team and have been invited to play for two men’s teams. I’ll start playing men’s this Wednesday. The co-ed team is mainly made up of people from the Chocolate Factory. We call ourselves the RMCF Bears.

Last night we played well to take our record to 3-1. After leading 8-0 early, we let the other team catch up to 8-8. A couple innings passed with not much more scoring, so after 5 innings it was 9-8 in our favour.

I had a mixed game.

Very early on I threw a poor throw to team mate Jaimee Callies on 2nd base, but then followed it up by running someone out on home plate with a throw from the outfield. Later I ran in and picked up a ground ball with my spare bare right hand and attempted to run out a girl running to first. First baseman John wasn’t on the base, but my throw wasn’t great anyway and it went crashing into the side fence.

The best play would have to be in the 6th innings. We were narrowly leading 9-8 when one of their guys hit into the outfield, piercing the gap between myself at left-center and left field. Just when it looked like it was a safe hit I dived full length and caught the ball to my right with my glove twisted (gloves in my left hand) and caught the ball just a couple centimetres from the ground.

Earlier rain had left the field wet and this caused me to go for a pretty cool slide. My batting was ok. 4 from 4 with one in-field homerun. That was my last at bat, where our coach/critic Rick suggested I hit the ball to right field and not stop running. I did that. As I am coming to third the throw comes in and hit’s me straight on the side of the neck. Yeah it stung. It bounced away and I completed the in-field home run.

I think we ended up winning something like 15-9. It was a good win after getting thumped something like 18-1 the week before.


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