My directions, gone…

My directions, gone…

Here’s something weird that happened to me today. I write this because I reckon peculiar things always happen to me.

Here’s what happened.

I needed to go buy some telephone wire clips from RadioShack, which was a couple towns over from Wrentham, MA. I asked the manager at the store I was installing the computer equipment for directions. She drew me out a solid map, looked pretty easy to follow.

As I left the mall I grabbed the map from the passenger seat and held it on the steering wheel. That’s when I remembered that I was going to take as many photo’s as I could from the area. My digital camera was in my left pocket. I reached in and grabbed it, having to twist my body a little to get it. As I lifted it out of my pocket, I somehow lost grip of the map and it went flying out the window. I watched in despair as it settled onto the middle of the road, fast disappearing behind me.

See? Weird little things all the time. I decided not to go back, and actually remembered how to get there and back from the short time I was looking at the map. So it all worked out!


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