The Bus

The Bus

Written by Robert Hayes. A look into the escapades of being a teenager in Townsville.

A true incident on the bus one day going to the Willows:

There was another incident on the bus with some dude, but this one was pretty funny, cause I was behind him in line, this was at Stockland, and he was saying he wanted to go to Douglas, but the bus was going to Willows, and he kept on arguing, and the dude said there was gonna be a problem if the driver did not go where he wanted, and the dude pointed at the driver and said,

“You are an old man ok?, and you have the problem, not me”

and fuck I was laughing, it was a full bus too, and the dude says,

“I will ring up the main office and tomorrow you will not be a driver no more, you will have no job, you will be starting a new job”

and this dude was from the Uni too, but I dont know him, he had some accent too. Then the driver just ignored him and started talking to me asking where I wanted to go, and then he charged me an adult price, and then he says to me,

“Can you convince this guy that we are not going to douglas??”

and I just said to the dude,

“Mate we are not going there ay.”

Then I told the driver that he charged me an adult fair, so he gave me back some change but it was not enough, he worked it out wrong, and I told him the amount it was, and then he gives me too much change, and I said,

“Now you have given me too much”

so then he swapped the money over again and still gave me a bit too much, but everyone was looking up so I just took it and sat down, and he was like trying to work out the difference in pen on the ticket, fucking hell, I have to get off this, the phone is needed, bye, I will read the last message you sent but that’s all I will see tonight ok?


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