This is my son, Nevan Michael Doig. He is a beautiful, healthy boy who was born in February, 2000. We have been taking lots of photos, you can download more of Nevan here.


Name: Nevan Michael Doig
Born: 1st February, 2000
Location: Atascadero, California
Age: 5 ยฝ weeks
Height: 24″
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Hobbies: Looking around at everything, moving arms and legs, being with mummy and daddy
Fav colour: I think blue and red will be, cause he loves looking at the Australian flag I have on our living room wall
Dislikes: When he doesn’t get attention, or if he has a wet nappy he doesn’t seem to like that much.


Australian. Sport. Passionate Cricket Fan. Go Pro. Abseiling. Snorkeling. Travel. Golf R. SQL Server Developer. Three sons. One daughter. Last Trip: New York.

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