Softball is over!

Softball is over!

Men’s Softball is over for the season. We went undefeated in the season, and so did a team from the Rec league. They were too good for the Rec league, so they moved to ours for the tournament. They beat us yesterday 16-7, and after we beat another team later that day, that setup a rematch final. But in Colorado, you have to lose twice to be out. Since that team was undefeated, that meant we would have to beat them twice tonight. And we did that! 17-10 and 15-5. I think I went 7 from 8 with 2 home runs. (We’re only allowed to hit 1 homer per game, the fence is only about 260ft away. Had a great night. But that’s it for the season.

Time to start looking at what to do through the winter…


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