World Champion Half Life DMC Player

World Champion Half Life DMC Player

That’s right! Last week, I was ranked #1 out of everyone in the world who plays Half Life DMC. What is Half Life DMC?

It’s a Quake mod for Half Life. Exactly like the original quake, except for much better graphics! The gameplay is fast and furious, you kill quickly or be killed quickly, and often. The goal is to obtain the Rocket Launcher and make sure you hold on to it. Then, grab plenty of armour and health and find the Quad Damage ring. With this, you do four times the damage as a normal shot, quickly murdering everyone in the vicinity.

Check out the points table at:

You’ll also notice my coworker jsgoods who got 5th. He is also an amazing player, who took out 1st 3 weeks ago.


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