Camping Narooma

Camping Narooma

This New Year we’re going away as a family and camping with a bunch of friends down at Narooma, NSW.

Disconnected from the world, the internet; this will be a good thing. Not just because Australia lost the Boxing Day Test against England and are staring down the barrel of an Ashes loss… it’ll be good to get away and camp, fish, cook, play and generally ignore the world for a bit.

We will be there for the 5th Test in Sydney upon our return… ๐Ÿ˜€

Our week was chock full of wonderful family memories. Camping in of itself is memorable; but add fishing, prawning, beach days, kids activities, New Year Fireworks, and meeting and playing with other kids on holiday from all around Australia.

We all had such a wonderful time and very much look forward to going back.

One last call out. The first three photos below were taken when Hayden was “helping” us to setup the tent. I inadvertently caught him accidentally hammering his wee little fingers; the poor darling and his facial expression as he realised what he had done was nothing short of adorable. He received much comforting cuddles!


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