Winter Wonderland again

Winter Wonderland again

It has been snowing here for almost 3 days straight now, which is peculiar due to the fact that it hasn’t snowed in town for well over a month. The ski resort nearby claims 18 inches in the last 72 hours. We’re a little lower in elevation but I reckon we’ve accumulated about 12-15 inches. I’m sure skiing right now is just beautiful!

I’m driving the Ford to work right now, which doesn’t have studs on the tires but I do have chains. Of course I chose to procrastinate when it came to learning how to put chains on, and this is the time they would be useful. The roads are pretty icy in the mornings, and I am finding myself sliding a little as I drive to work.

Jenifer needs the Mazda today (and yesterday) which has studs, and I’d prefer her to have the safer car with the kids in it. It’s definitely interesting when I am at a stop light and I have to rev above 3000 just to get moving on the ice.

It actually just started snowing again a few minutes ago. My window by my desk at work looks straight into a mountain, which covered in white right now is quite gorgeous. Earlier there was some sunshine so the white covered mountain and blue cloudy skies painted quite a picture. And I didn’t bring my digital camera today. Doh.

This snow is very helpful for another reason, the summer coming up. We had a pretty horrid summer last year with much of our neighboring forests being burned down. I had actually moved here a week before the fires started, so my early memories of this place was fire and smoke. If the winter weather can hang around longer, which it is doing better than last year, the summer here should be quite nice.

It’s time for lunch and for me to go home and see the wife and boys.


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