Amazing photos!

Amazing photos!

I was cooking a BBQ for the family, doing some nice strips of beef steak marinated in a lovely sweet BBQ marinade. Jenifer was in the kitchen preparing the French Bread, and I knew Nevan was behind me playing in the yard, probably in his toy house or something.

I turned around to check on him and at first he half scared me to death! He got up on his table and jumped up and out, I mean he jumped higher than the level he was standing on, and down to the ground. Quite possibly a good 2 feet or more high! It doesn’t sound much, but for a 2 year old boy this is quite a feat!

The thing is, he was landing perfectly and repeating over and over. I took the opportunity and snapped some pretty cool photos. They’re a bit blurry because my digital camera is not great at taking quick moving photo’s at a close range (I think). But check them out nonetheless. Pretty amazing I think.



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