Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands

Driving the Scottish Highlands, what else is there to say?

Starting our day by Loch Ness at Uerquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit we wound our way through this glorious countryside towards Dornie and Eilean Donan Castle near the Isle of Skye.

This countryside is immense. Louise and I kept finding ourselves pulling off the road to explore a babbling brook (looking at you Dane Cook) or bask in the majesty of the highlands and the feels that come with it. Cue Braveheart music as William Wallace races along the tops of the peaks…

One particular interest point was a stunning brick bridge where we stopped for lunch and to explore. There aren’t superlatives enough for this place (I tried), we can only hope some of the photos do it some justice. We’ll continue to lose ourselves in this place before real life comes back and forces us back to Sydney…


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