Liam turns 12

Liam turns 12

Liam is 12 today, forever sharing the day with Little Nan, who would be 113 or 114 today? There or thereabouts.

It is hard to believe it has been just over two years since we threw the exact same Zone 3 party for Nevan’s 12th. Time flies so fast…

Liam collected a bunch of his closest friends as we all head to Zone 3 Caringbah for a laser tag, video game and pizza party. As mentioned above, this has become a bit of a tradition as we did the exact same thing for Nevan just over two years ago. I remember that day well, Liam had such a fine time (as did everyone) that he said when he turned twelve he wanted the same birthday party.

Achievement unlocked! ๐Ÿ˜‰

A great day with some great friends – Liam really has created a beautiful circle of friends. We’re so proud of them all.

I wonder if we’ll do the same thing in 2020 when Hayden turns 12…


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