Sort In Original Order When Grouping

Sort In Original Order When Grouping

I am working on analysis against the Soccer World Cup in Brazil and have one small problem; for some reason a handful of event actions have been recorded against multiple dates. It could be a timezone or midnight thing, but it is what it is. Consider the following diagram:


This is a list of World Cup games in order of date played. Germany v Portugal, for some reason, has data against both the 16th and 17th – which will stuff me up as I now intend to derive an incremental match number for each game.

Essentially, I need to group by parenteventname – but when I do, the ordering is set to parenteventname. I need to group on parenteventname but maintain the ordering as it is here.

It is surprisingly simple in SQL, having thought I could get away with this via ROW_NUMBER or DENSE_RANK, but no:

SELECT parenteventname 
FROM #matches 
GROUP BY parenteventname 

I hope this helps!


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