South Coast Hike

South Coast Hike

Recently we joined our friend Sam for a 6km hike along the beautiful south coast. The trail has a name, which I forget; but I can tell you it runs from Kiama Heights to Werri Beach (beside Gerringong) along some superb countryside. 6km might not sound like much – and indeed it usually isn’t – but try adding a 2 year old into the mix. Welcome to our hike.

The trail is visually one of the stunners. Rolling green hills on one side; rugged coastline and foamy white tidal spray on the other. It’s not difficult; though there are passages where you’ll find yourself on a bit of a steep climb. And if you’re lucky – like we were – you’ll catch a whale slapping the turquoise blue water on it’s trip along the same coastline.

Along the way are some nifty information blocks giving some history about the flora and fauna – or the area in general – and a few dykes where you can get up close and personal to study the formation a bit closer.

The final km is gorgeous as you descend towards Gerringong – one of those quaint towns nestled against the ocean beside the pretty Werri Beach.

One word of warning: If you go during the winter months the sun will set over the hills around 4pm and you’ll find the temperature dropping real fast.


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